Small Ranch Villa


Small Ranch Villa

These 5 X 3 runs are perfect for your small to tiny family members 25 lbs or less. The raised cot and bedding provide your dog with maximum safety and comfort.

Small Ranch Villa Rates

  • First dog $35 per night
  • Second dog $30 per night
  • Two dog limit per suite
  • Military, First Responder and Senior discount 10%
  • Rates vary for Holidays and Summer Season

Vaccine Requirements

All Dogs must be current on the following requirements, no exceptions.
  • Rabies (1-3 year Vaccination)
  • DHLPP (1-3 year Vaccination)
  • Bordatella (we require Annually but suggest every 6 months as the strains vary)

Additional Guest Services

  • Pet n play $10
  • Ranch walk $10
  • Cuddle time $10
  • Kong toy $18
  • Training time $20