Grooming at Briarcliff

Hi there! I am the new kid on the block, my name is Malory and I am the new groomer here at Briarcliff Pet Resort! I am a San Diego native who has always loved animals, little fun fact my mom actually went
into labor at a Veterinary office, all creatures have a part in my life. I have had the privilege of growing up as a Junior Handler in the professional dog show world and that has brought me not only a plethora of knowledge but  numerous opportunities, for which I am so grateful for!

Grooming is not only a skill but an art. Something you can use to express yourself, an idea, or a feeling. My favorite expression is by giving an owner a happy emotion and a new view of their pet. Bringing out the charm in your pet and making your pet feel safe in a grooming salon. This is not only my vision but what I hope everyone feels after their pet has a grooming service at Malory Grooms at Briarcliff. I bring my years of experience and passion for animals every day to my appointments.

I hope to use this blogging space as a way to help you get to know more behind who and what I am about, but more importantly educating and sharing stories to help shine light on animal wellness and that
begins with the largest organ, the SKIN. Feel free to check out my experience as a part time groomer in San Diego over the past few years, I also plan to share fun videos and educational content as well on Instagram: @malory_grooms. Yes there are adorable dog photos as well!