Doggie DayClub

Chateau Briarcliff

Doggie DayClub Daycare

Our dog daycare program is the most luxurious you will find in all of Southern California. Our large play yards are surrounded by 6 foot PVC fences and covered with the highest quality turf. The dogs have fun obstacles to play on (ramps, tunnels, etc) and super durable toys to share with their doggie friends. The yards are fully covered by giant shade sails and the dogs also have access to very large covered patio areas. During the summer the dogs also have multiple puppy pools to play and splash in with with their friends.

Our Doggie DayClub members have regular access to fully furnished and air conditioned luxury indoor spaces. The Big Dog and Little Dog rooms are equipped with couches, chairs and dog beds of all sorts and sizes, perfect spot for nap time. Of course, the dogs are continuously supervised by our professionally trained daycare staff to ensure your dog has an enjoyable experience at Briarcliff Pet Resort’s Doggie DayClub.

Chateau Doggie DayClub Rates

  • $33 Per Day
  • $150 (5) Day Pass
  • $265 (10) Day Pass
  • $460 (20) Day Pass
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 6:30am-6:30pm.


What are the Vaccine Requirements?

Briarcliff Pet Resort and Chateau Briarcliff require all vaccinations to be uploaded to your pet’s profile a minimum of 48 hours prior to their stay. The uploaded records must be a formal vaccination record or receipt from a shot clinic or licensed veterinarian indicating that the vaccination records are up to date and meet our requirements listed below. Important to note, we cannot accept titers or breeders records as proof of vaccines. All vaccines must be current and given a minimum of 10 days prior to their stay.

  • Rabies (1 or 3 year Vaccination)
  • DHPP (1 or 3 year Vaccination)
  • Bordetella (1 year)

The Chateau interview which includes either service doggie daycare or in-house boarding is approximately 10- 15 minutes.

You are requested to wait in our office area or outside while the interview takes place as we want to see the dog’s temperament without its owner present.

Yes we do allow females in heat to board at the main kennel building. We are not able to accommodate a female being in heat at daycare or in-house boarding.

Yes, unaltered dogs are allowed. Each dog must go through an extensive interview process.

No, big dogs and small dogs are in separate yards.

Yes, daycare has indoor and outdoor capabilities. See our virtual tour of Chateau on the home page.

Yes, reservations are highly recommended as we have a 30 dog limit per day.