Dog Training


Dog Training by Dave Clendenon

This is a four week training program where the dog lives here at Chateau Briarcliff. Your dog will receive all normal care and attention, in addition to two training sessions per day. At the conclusion of the four weeks you will meet with the trainer for a 45 minute private lesson. This also includes participation in a six week group class if you so choose.

Cost: $2,900, Duration: 4 weeks plus 45 minute private plus 6 week group class.

A group class formulated for puppies 3 months to 5 months of age. Commonly referred to as a “Socialization Class” even though our class goes beyond just socialization. We also teach you how to introduce basic commands and help you help your new pup develop good behavioral habits.

Cost $150, Duration 6 weeks.

A basic place to start for dogs (that have not had any training) that are any age 5 months and older. We will teach you how to help your dog become more responsive to basic commands and we also assist you in dealing with behavior issues.

Cost $150, Duration 6 weeks.

This class is for dogs that have completed a Beginning dog training class. Designed to further your dog’s education and help your dog become more responsive and proficient with the basic commands.

Cost $150, Duration 6 weeks.

This is a great introduction to the Dog Sport of Agility or just a really fun class to do with your dog.

Cost $150, Duration 6 weeks.

Privates are for the person that needs some specialized or individualized instruction or maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you to make a group class.

Cost $150 or 3 lessons $400, Duration 45 minutes per lesson.

This program is for the person that wants to compete in obedience, rally or agility. The program consists of weekly private lessons and participation in one of our weekly group classes.

Cost $250 per month, Duration 30 minute weekly private and 45 minute weekly group class.

This program is usually utilized by people out of the area or out of state. The lessons are conducted via FaceTime or Zoom.

Cost $75, Duration 30 minutes per lesson.