Briarcliff Boarding

All Suites and Villas come standard with maid service, comfortable beds with Luxurious or Fleece bedding and climate controlled surroundings. They will have sanitized dishes, freshly laundered bedding and safe, clean elimination yards.

Vineyard Suite

Spoil that special family member with one of our themed private suites.

Deluxe Garden

Your pet will enjoy our spacious 11 X 6 garden view area.

Ranch Villa

These 12 X 4 villas are perfect for your small, medium or large family members.

Small Ranch Villa

These 5 X 3 villas are perfect for your small to tiny family members 25 lbs or less.

In-House Boarding

Offered at Chateau Briarcliff a stay with that at home feeling

Cat Condo

Your cat will enjoy a spacious condo with scratching post and soft bed.